Sunday, November 8, 2009

World Oil Demand in Motion

When data is put in motion over time it becomes more interesting.  I have added World data to the Oil Demand Motion Chart. You can look at this chart any time from the link on the right side of this web site.  The oil data comes from the BP annual statistical review.  The population data is from the UN and the GDP data is from the World Bank.

Some interesting observations one can take from the chart are: 1. the evolution of oil demand in developing nations (click on Korea); 2. how developed nations oil consumption per capita is relatively stable (click on the US or UK); 3. that world oil demand has stuck at around 4.6 barrels per person for over 26 years despite huge population and economic changes over that time (discussed here previously).

I will be adding a lot more data to this chart over the coming weeks, especially some future oil demand scenarios.

The inspiration for the oil demand motion chart came from Fig. 1-13 on page 18 of Oil 101.
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