Monday, September 28, 2009

Brazilian Exceptionalism

Brazil is exceptional with its beautiful beaches, vast lush land mass and optimism (sounds like the US). I am currently in the center of the scaled biofuels world and it literally smells sweet - at least for Brazil. That sweet smell is alcohol in the air. The alcohol (ethanol) is being derived from sugar cane which rich rainforest cleared land and climate permits. Ethanol produced from sugar cane is used as a fuel for vehicles here on a scale no other country has ever been capable. No other country can replicate Brazil's unique cleared rainforest climate and soils.

Brazil has also recently discovered a lot of relatively high cost conventional hydrocarbons a ways offshore - although this oil is at least five to ten years away from production.

Brazil is an exception in so many way that one wonders if it should be used as an example. I will be posting some observations over the next few days. The first is how well the economy appears to be doing here. Factories are producing, office workers are optimistic, restaurants and stores are busy, the woes of debt laden developed nations and consumers are far from consideration. Demand is good for everything Brazilian.
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